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International Freighter Voyages Pfeiffer - From A to Z

Here is an overview of the current situation on our trips:

Inland navigation vessels: most inland navigation vessels allow passengers on board again. The prerequisite for a trip is always a negative corona test shortly before the start of the journey or a complete corona vaccination. Unfortunately, the inland waterway trips are completely booked out in summer 2021. This is mainly due to the many corona-related trip postponements from last year and this spring. Only from autumn 2021 (October, November) will there be booking opportunities again.

The situation is more difficult for cargo ship voyages: at the moment, passenger voyages are still not possible (exception is the very special tramp voyage IFR 111). There are many problems, e.g. with the entry regulations for the individual countries. We had to find out that the regulations for entering ports with passengers on board are very complicated in many places, even with full vaccination. In addition, crews are not fully vaccinated and only after all crew members have been fully vaccinated are people who do not belong to the crew allowed to come on board at all (this also applies to crew members, for example). We must therefore continue to ask for patience.

As an outlook and tendency: we hope that travel in Northern Europe will be possible again in the foreseeable future. Journeys to Southern Europe are difficult to assess at the moment, and journeys overseas will probably not be able to take place again until 2022.

Please note: the shipping companies have signalled that, for the time being, only passengers who have been fully vaccinated against Corona will be allowed on board when it opens.

You can see the current status regarding the bookability of the individual voyages in the voyage overview – there we have set the status in the heading and assigned a traffic light colour to each voyage.

We look forward to hearing from you and advising you!

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Our team wishes you all the best – please stay healthy!

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