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Nothing can convey the atmosphere of a freighter voyage better than the reports of travellers who have experienced this adventure themselves. Below you will find numerous such reports from travelers who – organized by our agency – went to sea. We have sorted the reports by route so that you can easily find “your” area of travel. Enjoy reading! By the way: We look forward to hearing from you soon about your experiences and impressions at sea. Already: Thank you!


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Travel reports to get in the mood

Across the North Atlantic on the MS Julius S.

Travel report on DVD

One of our customers has compiled the personal impressions of his various freighter voyages (once around the world with two ships) into a very interesting documentary film. The unique aspects of freighter voyages in pictures.

As a passenger on cargo ships – journey around the world“, travel report on DVD, approx. 60 minutes duration, now 12,- € plus Shipping costs. You can watch a trailer here: