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Travel registrations

Form for binding booking of the freighter voyage:

Voyage Booking Form (pdf for download)

Please fill out the form legibly or, if possible, on your PC. Please do not forget to sign.


Inland voyages:

Separate information on booking and travel registration for inland voyages can be found here: Booking and travel registration for inland voyages


This is how booking works:

We will be happy to advise you personally on our voyages and provide you with details of departure dates, departure and destination ports, etc. Please send us an email or call us.

Once you have decided on a trip and a date, we will gladly enter an option for one week.
We will make a binding booking once we have received the completed and signed travel registration form and any other booking documents. A receipt by fax or email (with signature) is sufficient, missing passport data etc. can also be submitted later.
You will then receive a written travel confirmation from us with additional useful information.

Upon receipt of this confirmation a deposit of 25% is due. The remaining amount is to be paid four weeks before departure, in a few exceptions six weeks before. Please refer to your invoice for the exact date.

International Freighter Voyages Pfeiffer has been commissioned by the shipping companies as a brokerage agency to offer the voyages and carry out the entire handling on behalf of the shipping companies.


Terms & Conditions

You will find our Terms & Conditions here and on the back of the forms “Voyage Registration” / “Voyage Registration Inland Voyages“.

The individual shipping companies work with different conditions of carriage, which we will be happy to provide you with before you book. The same applies for medical certificates.



You can take out all the necessary travel insurance, for example through the European Travel Insurance. Together with the travel confirmation you will also receive a booklet from European Travel Insurance, through which you can also take out the insurance.

Here you will find the Standard Travel Insurances
Here you will find the Yearly Travel Insurance

If you have any questions about the insurance policies, please contact the travel insurance consultants directly. We also accept insurance from any other insurance company.


Further Information

Much more information about freighter voyages can be found in the section
From A to Z.