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In addition to our information “Characteristics of freighter voyages” and “Characteristics of inland voyages” and the section “From A to Z” here are some tips for planning and luggage:


Remember to bring spare glasses, sunglasses (or a sun attachment) and, if necessary, a strap for glasses.

We recommend having your own binoculars.

Hair dryer
Usually not available in the cabin.

Tablet PCs are very useful for editing photos and films on board. Remember to bring chargers.

For the first day, we recommend taking beverages such as water or soft drinks with you, as drinks on board can only be bought after the ship has disembarked. Special drinks (e.g. special teas) are not on board in case of doubt, but you are welcome to bring them along. The same applies to sweets and snacks.
Please note that no alcoholic beverages can be purchased on the ships with a ban on alcohol. A beer or glass of wine on the chamber is allowed for passengers, but these drinks must be brought along.

We advise practical, weatherproof clothing and “onion look”. Inside it can be quite warm, outside partly windy and cool.

Small change in local currency
Recommended for bus trips or taxi rides on land excursions.

Bags with or without wheels are more useful than suitcases, they can be stowed better in the cabin.

Reading material / DVD’s
Take enough books with you that you have always wanted to read. An e-book is useful for longer voyages. DVDs can be watched at the fair or, if available, at the chamber.

Please remember to replenish the supply of your own medication, which you take regularly, by far more than for the planned duration of your trip.

It is windy on deck, we recommend a hat, cap, headband and/or neckerchiefs.

Information for shore excursions
Guidebooks or the like about the cities visited are nice to prepare the short shore excursions.

Passport and travel documents
Remember to bring passports, vaccination cards, ticket, embarkation instructions and other documents relating to the voyage you have booked.

For the outside areas, shoes with non-slip soles are recommended. Also think of slippers or sandals, the shoes are taken off in front of the cabin.

Safety vest
A safety vest is mandatory in many ports.

Sun protection
Bring sun cream with a high protection factor.

World receiver
For the news all over the world.