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International Freighter Voyages Pfeiffer - About Us - Team 1
Birgit Falkenberg, Werner Pfeiffer, Susanne Weber, Nina Pfeiffer

The “ship management” of the agency founded in 1982 is in the hands of Nina Pfeiffer. The trained lawyer is very familiar with the extraordinary world of freighter voyages and holds the rudder firmly and securely in her hands. Like all other employees, she knows the characteristics of this kind of travelling from her own experience, of course.

She is supported by Birgit Falkenberg, and Susanne Weber.

Both are trained travel agents and have been “on board” for more than 14 years. They are well versed in our world of freighter voyages, know about all the pitfalls and never lose their cool even when unexpected events occur. Our customers appreciate her friendly and competent manner. Every question is gladly answered and usually there is a solution for everything.

Still “on board”:
Werner Pfeiffer, who together with his wife Ingrid founded the agency “International Freighter Voyages Pfeiffer” in 1982 With his extensive experience, he now supports the operative business more from the background. As every year, he was again heavily involved in the preparation of the 2022 schedule.