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IFR 109
Denmark – Sweden


Hamburg – Wilhelmshaven – (Kiel Canal) – Helsingborg / Sweden – Kopenhagen – Aarhus / both Denmark – Gothenburg / Sweden – Aalborg / Denmark – Kiel Canal – Hamburg or similar
(usually 3-4 ports)


About 6-7 days



About the vessel

Container vessel, built 2005, German ship command, 11,400 tons dead-weight, length 134 m, breadth 22.5 m, speed 18 kn, container capacity 868 TEU, TV/DVD


1 owner single cabin, shower/WC, separate living room with seating area, fridge, multiple windows, open view sideways, E-deck, larboard

1 single cabin “3rd Officer”, shower/WC, couch, fridge, open view sideways, B-deck


This well-maintained ship sails under German flag for a German shipping company with which we have enjoyed working for many years.
It serves ports with round trips changing at short notice.

Examples of round trips:
Hamburg – Wilhelmshaven – Helsingborg – Copenhagen – Kiel Canal – Hamburg
Hamburg – Kiel Canal – Aarhus – Gothenburg – Aalborg – Hamburg or similar.
Routes vary depending on cargo volume. No specific intermediate ports or port sequences can be booked.
Most routes pass through the Kiel Canal.

Age limit 75 years.

Alcohol is prohibited for the crew.

The shipping company carries passengers who are vaccinated against Covid-19 (min. 2/3) and take a Covid self-test at embarkation (under supervision).

Shore leave

Berthing time approx. 5-16 hours




Covid 19 (2/3)

Passage prices

€ 686.00 in owner single cabin
€ 609.00 in single cabin “3rd Officer”

With less than 6 or more than 8 days the respective daily rates will be refunded or added

Embarkation / Disembarkation fees

€ 20.00 per person

Deviation insurance

€ 95.00 per person

Travel insurance

Travel health and liability insurance

Medical certificate

Mandatory for passengers over 65 years of age

Travel reports by customers

Baltic Sea

  • Many thanks again for my latest cargo ship experience which was wonderful.
    I enjoyed the trip on the Gerda, with Captain H. who ensured that I had my best experience to date. Also, a mention to the Chef, who made very tasty meals, also to all the crew, I can’t list all their names, unfortunately, however, all staff combined made my experience so enjoyable and I will definitely try to go on that route again to meet them again.
    I highly recommend this trip!
    You are very...
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  • Dear Mrs Pfeiffer and Mrs Weber
    Back from Hamburg, I would like to give you my feedback.
    It was a very interesting week I spent on board; captain Z. and the officers were all very open and friendly, so there really was a good atmosphere. I have always felt welcome to go here and there, to ask questions, and able to spend a lot of time on the bridge. As I told the captain, I felt I was 40 years younger as I spent hours on the bridge, just like when I was an officer on merchant ships...
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  • Thank You Capt. B!
    When I said to Capt. B. ‘thank you for the good atmosphere on board’
    He said to me: Well, I didn’t have any stress because the crew made a good job.
    This was what I felt, a peaceful crew, who did their work every day without complaining.
    I liked to watch the Boson splicing a perfect eye into the moorings.
    Cookie o prepares the best apple-pie.
    G. is a conscientious and reliable 2nd.Engr.
    R. OS the youngest stands...
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