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Mrs. V. wrote about voyage and team:

Thank You Capt. B!
When I said to Capt. B. ‘thank you for the good atmosphere on board’
He said to me: Well, I didn’t have any stress because the crew made a good job.
This was what I felt, a peaceful crew, who did their work every day without complaining.
I liked to watch the Boson splicing a perfect eye into the moorings.
Cookie o prepares the best apple-pie.
G. is a conscientious and reliable 2nd.Engr.
R. OS the youngest stands proudly behind the steering wheel.
And J. the Wiper is a perfect billiard player, seamen in the Seaman`s club DUCKDALBEN liked to play with him.
Ch. Off. E. and Chief Eng. R. and 2nd .Off. J. (on holiday) did a good job in supporting the master.
K. and L. worked hard to lash the containers.
I was alone as a passenger on board and never had a problem of any sorts.
I watched many manoeuvres, the Captain with a lot of feeling for the MS Ceres. Every pilot was informed about a slight problem with the bow thrusters which worked very slowly backwards.
His cautious navigating out of Copenhagen harbour in the nigh time was super.
All of these wonderful seamen on board let me forget the nuisance of not being able to visit St. Petersburg. (Loading during the night, Container life)
Thank you all for a good time.
Many Hugs
Caribbean Freighter Trip