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Message from Mr. H.

Dear Mrs Pfeiffer and Mrs Weber

Back from Hamburg, I would like to give you my feedback.

It was a very interesting week I spent on board; captain Z. and the officers were all very open and friendly, so there really was a good atmosphere. I have always felt welcome to go here and there, to ask questions, and able to spend a lot of time on the bridge. As I told the captain, I felt I was 40 years younger as I spent hours on the bridge, just like when I was an officer on merchant ships (except some technology has changed!).

So definitely a good thing that these trips are possible.

I have already questions from interested persons about how this was organized, and I have also been asked by two merchant navy websites to write about my experience: so I guess you will have inquiries from France soon!

Thank you very much for the support you gave, the quick answers and the patience with my passport problem.

Kind regards