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IFR 069
Inland voyage (Spits/Peniche)


Varies and depends on the cargo offered. Fixed routes or areas of operation are not bookable. The vessels frequently operate in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


Usually 5-7 days



About the vessel

Inland vessels for general and bulk cargo, type Freycinet-Peniche/Spits, Dutch (usually German speaking) ship command, approx. 360 tons dead-weight, length 39 m, breadth 5 m. This type of ship is exactly tailored to the size of the class I locks and bridges on inland waterways, which are often found in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany


Guest cabin in the foreship, usually with toilet and wash basin, access via a ladder or narrow stairs, sometimes seating, shower partly shared with the owners in the aft


The ride on these small, lovingly maintained vessels is really something characteristic.

In earlier times, these vessels were the backbone of the supply of building materials, coal, wine, etc. Every sports boat driver in France knows the feeling, when suddenly on a small canal such a “monster” comes towards you.

3 meals and coffee or tea are included in the price.

On these small inland vessels space is limited, life usually takes place in the wheelhouse and outside, mutual respect and consideration are required.

Car transport is only partly possible on request (for a fee, at your own risk), not in every area of operation. There are bicycles for guests on board, your own bicycle can be carried free of charge.

For this voyage we offer several comparable inland vessels, whose exact cabin and ship equipment may vary in detail.

To realize a ride you need a travel period of about 3 weeks, the embarkation will be at short notice.

Shore leave

Depending on the cargo, longer unloading and loading times may occur. Shore leave is almost always possible, for example in locks. The trips are well suited for accompanying vessels by bicycle or on foot, for example on towpaths next to the canals.


Identity card


Covid 19 (3/3)

Passage prices

The voyage prices are calculated according to daily rates, which differ for the inland vessels.

5 days between € 550.00 and € 685.00 per person
7 days between € 770.00 and € 960.00 per person

Embarkation / Disembarkation fees

Agency fee € 35.00

Travel insurance

Travel health and liability insurance

Medical certificate

Mandatory for passengers over 65 years of age

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