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IFR 060
Inland voyage


Varies and depends on the cargo. The vessel regularly sails from the Middle Rhine e.g. Karlsruhe/Mannheim (Mainz, Frankfurt) to Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Antwerp/Gent or similar. Fixed routes and ports of embarkation or disembarkation are not bookable.


About 7-10 days


3x per month

About the vessel

Inland vessel for general and bulk cargo as well as containers, pushed train, Dutch (German-speaking) ship’s command, built in 2009, 4,800 tons dead-weight, length 190 m, breadth 11.45 m, 2 x 1,700 HP, state-of-the-art technology, good seating on the bridge


4 guest cabins: 2 with double bed, 2 with single bed, each cabin with large window and free view, floor heating, air conditioning. Shared bathroom for guests, shared large living room with TV for guests and crew, WiFi available

This vessel is also ideal for a joint trip with friends or family


A very large and modern inland vessel that mainly operates on the major rivers, i.e. the Rhine, Main, Waal, Meuse and Scheldt.

Passengers book a travel period of about 3-4 weeks, during which the 7-10 day trip will take place. The embarkation and disembarkation usually take place in Kehl, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Mainz or similar, although the vessel does not always return to the point of departure (for example, the embarkation may be in Mannheim and the disembarkation in Karlsruhe).

The vessel is usually in one of these ports every 8-10 days. Due to its size, the vessel can only moor in certain places. We therefore do not offer a fixed embarkation date, embarkation and disembarkation can only take place if the vessel is in one of the ports mentioned. A few days before the start of the journey, the captain informs the passengers of the exact dates and locations.

3 meals as well as coffee and tea are included in the price, bed linen and towels are provided.

The vessel mainly carries coal and containers.

The experienced Dutch couple of inland bargemen are happy to take passengers with them to show them the life of an inland bargeman. There are 2-3 other crew members on board. Car transport usually possible (€ 50.00, at your own risk). Bicycle transport free of charge.

Languages on board German, Dutch, English.

Shore leave

Depending on the cargo, longer unloading and loading times may occur


Passport or identity card

Passage prices

€ 1,200.00 per person

Embarkation / Disembarkation fees

Agency fee € 35.00 per person

Travel insurance

Travel health and liability insurance

Medical certificate

Mandatory for passengers over 65 years of age

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