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Margaret’s feedback

Hello Birgit!

Just to let you know I had an amazing experience – absolutely loved the whole experience.?? 5 countries visited, each offering diverse adventures plus the star of the show travelling on the freighter. So many photos and memories to sift and sort through but here’s 3 photos that I hope will give an essence of my trip!

CMA CGM Hydra was my home for 12 days!?? Cabin was huge – 3 portholes so plenty of light.?? 24 crew members and me!?? Captain P. and the crew looked after me really well. I ended up being only passenger as two other bookings cancelled at last moment.?? Loved my time on board.
Amazing how you busy yourself when there’s not really so much to do but with visits to engine room, full walk around the main working deck with all its equipment etc and a bit of down time on my sun lounger and swimming in the small pool, time flew!

Panama Canal was fascinating – it took around 20 hours to complete the journey and?? having to wait for traffic in the opposite direction to pass through Gatun Locks meant my journey through this section of locks was in the dark but it proved to be a wonderful experience – there I was, on my sun lounger for about 3 hours in the dark watching the whole process.

Times on shore leave were also great, enjoyed both Panama City and Cartagena but Colon is a very poor town and clearly not an easy place to police!

Loved my time in Manzanillo waiting for my ship to come in – it was a perfect way to prepare for the sea journey.

Thank you so much for making all my travel arrangements for the sea journey.?? It’s quite an effort to travel on a freighter but it was definitely all worth it.

Who knows if I’ll make another journey – next year I’m visiting friends in Japan and Australia so we’ll wait and see what 2021 brings!

My very best wishes to you.



Reisebericht Weltreise


Reisebericht Weltreise


Reisebericht Weltreise