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Mr. and Mrs. S. wrote us:

Hi Susanne.

My husband and I really enjoyed our voyage on the Wiking which is a very nice ship and still feels very new. The Captain and crew were most welcoming and made our voyage very enjoyable. As the ship is so new it occurred to us that you may not have any pictures of the accommodation so I have enclosed some pictures of the owners cabin, officers lounge and the officers dining room in case you may want to use them. I will send them in two emails as the photos take up some space.

We will probably do another voyage in the future but it is always a little difficult to organise from Australia because you have to book airfares to other parts of the world a bit in advance or you pay a lot more for a fare on short notice. We look at your web site often and maybe one day might do a voyage in the Baltic, Mediterranean or to the Canary Islands while we are in Europe in the future.

Many thanks for all your help

Best regards


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