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Enjoy the wind, the waves, the sun at the end of the horizon, the smell of the ocean…
Spend relaxing and remarkable moments at sea.
Leave the daily routine behind and let your spirits fly.
Enjoy the heartbeat of the sea and be a guest on a cargo ship.

Experience sea travel at the core.
If you are interested the captain can explain the high tech navigation systems on the bridge and the chief can show you the impressive machines.
You can listen to the stories from the crew of their trips across the seven seas. Just seaman’s yarn – up to you to decide!

We are experienced in cargo ship travel for more than 30 years, as travellers and agents.
We know what we are talking about and it is our pleasure to be of service to you.

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New voyages:

IFR 103 B: Beautiful new trip to England, Ireland and Scotland, available on short term
IFR 103 C: On a big vessel to England and France.
IFR 118 D: Russia with Kaliningrad
IFR 119 C: Russia with St. Petersburg
IFR 126: One-way-trips to/from Italy
IFR 156: interesting combination Northern Europe – Southern Europe
IFR 158: Voyage to Turkey
IFR 160: interesting Combination of Baltic and Mediterranean Sea
IFR 210: Northern Europe - USA
IFR 341: Northern Europe – Brasil