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Before booking please read the information on the Characteristics of Freighter Voyages.


As an agency we are assigned by the shipping companies to offer the voyages and arrange the entire process on behalf of the shipping companies.
If you have found a journey that interests you, please call us or write to us by email, mail or fax. We are looking forward to advise you personally and give you more detailed information on departure dates, departure and destination ports, etc..


Once you chose a voyage and a departure date, we can book an option for 1 week for you. We can book for you permanently once we have gotten the filled and signed booking form. It’s sufficient if we get it by fax or email (with signature), you can hand in missing passport details, etc. later.


Booking form
You can download the voyage booking form as a pdf-file.
Please fill out the form on a PC, if possible, and please do not forget your signature.

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Current news

New voyage to Morocco:
IFR 139, Northern Europe – Morocco


On large vessels from Rotterdam and Hamburg:
For those who have no time for week long trips to Asia, here's an opportunity to take a short trip on one of the "big ones".
Voyage IFR 125, e.g. Rotterdam – Le Havre, about 6 days, starting at €600.00
Voyage IFR 126, e.g. Hamburg – Le Havre, about 8 days, starting at €800.00


Now again from Hamburg to Singapore or Hong Kong:
IFR 600, Northern Europe – Asia


Under German ship command from Hamburg to the Baltic Sea:
IFR 110 E, Poland – Sweden


From Hamburg to Brasil and Uruguay:
IFR 345, Northern Europe – South America-East Coast


New quick voyage to Brasil:
IFR 340, Northern Europe – Brasil