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Expertise from Experience

We have been in the business of cargo ship travel since 1982.
Everyone in our team has more than 10 years experience in arranging this special type of ship travel.
Everyone in our team has made their own journeys on cargo ships. Overall, more than 40 trips.
Everyone in our team knows from own experience the most important ports such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam and Antwerp. We have compiled multi-page information about these ports with specialized taxi companies, hotels, hotlines, etc.

We have met more than 200 ships and around 180 ports in the course of many years.

We believe that we are the only agency in the world covering the whole range: travel on inland waterways, coastal coasters, container ships, multi-purpose ships and car transporters.

These are just a few reasons why we say: Competence from Experience.

Das Team von Frachtschiffreisen PfeifferTeam 2010
Das Team von Frachtschiffreisen PfeifferIngrid and Werner Pfeiffer on board of MS Rio Madeira 2010
Das Team von Frachtschiffreisen PfeifferNina Pfeiffer and Susanne Weber at the 25-year anniversary of our agency 2007
Das Team von Frachtschiffreisen PfeifferBirgit Falkenberg on board of rescue vessel „Vormann Steffens“ 2012

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Current news

New voyage to Morocco:
IFR 139, Northern Europe – Morocco


On large vessels from Rotterdam and Hamburg:
For those who have no time for week long trips to Asia, here's an opportunity to take a short trip on one of the "big ones".
Voyage IFR 125, e.g. Rotterdam – Le Havre, about 6 days, starting at €600.00
Voyage IFR 126, e.g. Hamburg – Le Havre, about 8 days, starting at €800.00


Now again from Hamburg to Singapore or Hong Kong:
IFR 600, Northern Europe – Asia


Under German ship command from Hamburg to the Baltic Sea:
IFR 110 E, Poland – Sweden


From Hamburg to Brasil and Uruguay:
IFR 345, Northern Europe – South America-East Coast


New quick voyage to Brasil:
IFR 340, Northern Europe – Brasil