Aktuelle Infos zu Reisen während der Corona-Krise

Voyages by duration

How long does a freighter voyage take? Don’t I need a lot of time? These questions are obvious and many freighter vessels are en route for months. However, the range of our voyages is manifold: leading from short trips to the usual vacation period up to long journeys to far away continents.


Please find information about the particularities of freighter travel here.


1-week voyages are perfect for beginners, who want to see the world of freighter travel for the first time – these trips are generally to the northern regions. The vessels mostly navigate on a regular basis and the trips can be well planned in advance.


Voyages up to 2 weeks can also include one way travel, e.g. across the Atlantic ocean, apart from the European destinations. Often individual stages of longer voyages or one way voyages can be booked (see details!).


3- to 4-week voyages, e.g. lead from Europe to Canada, to the east coast of the United States, to the Canary Islands or across the Mediterranean. Often stages of these voyages or one way travel can also be booked in this case (see details!).


Long voyages (up to 90 days) are made by ships with destinations e.g. the west coast of the United States, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia/ New Zeeland . Often stages of these voyages or one way travel can also be booked.

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