About TEUs and Tons

Most of the vessels procured by us transport containers – after all the majority of the global trade is being packed in these standardized ‘boxes’. German shipping companies control a large part of the world wide container fleet.


Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer - Von Teus und Tonnen - Schiff 4

Container vessel,
184,700 tons, 18,000 TEUs

The construction of modern container vessels is designed to avoid the waste of space. The capacity and space is indicated in TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) for the cargo. A containership with 18,000 TEUs therefore has space for 18,000 twenty foot containers. Today, more and more forty and even forty-five foot containers are being used.

In order to get a precise picture of the capacity the additional measuring unit 14mt homogeneous load is being applied. This measuring unit indicates how many containers with a weight of 14 tons can be loaded on a vessel.


Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer - Von Teus und Tonnen - Schiff 3

17.900 tons / 1,425 TEUs

By the way: Most container vessels do not have an own loading gear, depending on the destination. Loading and unloading can only be carried out in respective container terminals with loading bridges.

Apart from voyages on freighter vessels, we also offer the possibility to travel on general cargo ships and bulk container vessels.


Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer - von Teus und tonnen - Schiff 1

Modern bulk container vessel,
32,000 tons / 1,888 TEUs

We offer trips on coasters as well. These ship usually travel around the northern baltic seas and deliver goods to the smallest ports as well.


Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer - von Teus und tonnen - Schiff 8

Coaster, 2,600 tons

Coaster deliver bulk cargo such as steel, cellulose, salt, wood or paper.

Inland waterway vessels are the extended arm of the sea vessels, when they carry the load from the large ports into the inland and vice versa.


Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer - Von Teus und tonnen - Schiff 5

Inland waterway vessel,
2,600 tons

The small inland waterway vessel drive on even the smallest rivers and canals, often in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, but also in France.


Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer - Von Teus und tonnen - Schiff 11

Binnenschiff, Typ Freycinet – Peniche,
360 tons

Our vessels navigate on rivers, canals, lakes and oceans in all five continents.

The individual voyages are being sorted according to Destinations or Duration of the voyage.

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Current news

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On large vessels from Rotterdam and Hamburg:
For those who have no time for week long trips to Asia, here's an opportunity to take a short trip on one of the "big ones".
Voyage IFR 125, e.g. Rotterdam – Le Havre, about 6 days, starting at €600.00
Voyage IFR 126, e.g. Hamburg – Le Havre, about 8 days, starting at €800.00


Now again from Hamburg to Singapore or Hong Kong:
IFR 600, Northern Europe – Asia


Under German ship command from Hamburg to the Baltic Sea:
IFR 110 E, Poland – Sweden


From Hamburg to Brasil and Uruguay:
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