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Life on board and shore leave

A trip on a cargo vessel is seafaring at the core and still an adventure.

An intense encounter with nature: the wind and the waves, the dolphins and the porpoises playing in the bow waves of the ship...

Calm and relaxation – travel with time and not against the clock. Time to read not only one book. Time to dream. Time to enjoy.

New experiences and excitement with the daily routine on board a ship...

The different nationalities on board...

The lively bustle in the harbours...

The encounter of different cultures, traditions and customs of other countries...



Where else can you be so close to the golden sun tumbling into the ocean at dusk?

At the reling
At the reling

Smell, taste, feel and breathe the sea...
Enjoy the calm and the vastness of the ocean...
Experience the wildness and the power of the elements...

Seafaring Live

Crew Seafaring live

Passenger and member of the crew at the same time. As a passenger on a freighter vessel, you are in the middle of the events. The right thing for adventurers, who want to experience something new, get to know the people and customs of other cultures and experience seafaring at the core, instead of in a swimming hotel.


Right in the middle!

The captainAs a ‘seafarer’ you are a member of the crew. Certainly you will not be asked to keep watch or get rid of the rust on the ship! You can look forward to interesting conversations with the captain or the crew on the bridge.They can always tell fascinating stories. In a quiet moment they will explain the secrets of navigation and show you how the modern radar systems work and how the electronic sea maps facilitate navigation. The chief will enjoy showing you his environment and leave you amazed in the engine room.

Ship command is German or international (mostly Eastern European). The crew is usually a mixture of cultures and nationalities. But you will certainly be able to communicate with the members of the crew with your English knowledge learned at school.

On the bridge

EinschiffungIn the harbour you will be able to watch loading and unloading procedures or you can get to know different countries or cities. However, due to the structural changes and the acceleration of transport lay days are often considerably reduced and loading or unloading can sometimes only take a couple of hours or are even carried out during the night time. Furthermore, most harbour terminals are not near the city and the crew has to work hard during the demurrage and will not be able to take you by the hand and show you the sailor’s bars or the tourist spots of the harbour area.


EinschiffungHowever, you can turn to the local harbour agents or the sailor’s missions, which you can find in larger harbours. Or you can simply ask the crew.

In our travel descriptions we always mention the usual lay days, however, these can vary, as the cargo is the priority.


All the comfort you need!



You can enjoy a wonderful stay on a cargo vessel: all cabins have a view and are equipped with a shower and toilet. On some vessels you even have a separate living room. Often the cabins are more spacious compared to cruise ships. However, the view might be impaired, due to the loading. It is mentioned in the travel descriptions, if we are informed in advance.

Sleeping room

Most vessels for longer journeys have a common room with bar, sports facilities, sauna and a swimming pool (indoor or outdoor). The meals are served together with the captain and the leading officers. Generally, three hot meals are served per day. On smaller vessels the cook serves the meals, where as on larger cargo ships a steward is at your disposal, who also cleans your cabin. Otherwise, you will have to take of this yourself. You can leave your suit and evening gown at home. The clothing on board is casual and depends on the trip. Weatherproof clothing is essential! The vessels for shorter journeys generally take on 1-3 passengers. Larger cargo ships have cabins for up to 12 passengers. A doctor is not on board the ship. Please find the individual trips under Regions and Durations.

Loading / Boarding
Desk Chairs
Living Quarters

Bon appetit!

Bon appetit

A good meal keeps the body and soul together. Or better on a cargo vessel: muscle power and working moral. You will not stay hungry on a cargo vessel. The contrary is rather the case: The galleys are nearly as important as the machinery room. And the meals served keep the passengers and the crew happy. A special treat for the passengers, who prefer a delicious pig on a spit at a sociable BBQ dinner to the Nouvelle Cuisine in ‘finger food’ size on a luxury cruise.

Cargo ship happiness...


Expert’s eye in the maps: Will we really be able to find the harbour with my navigation? Don’t worry: on the larger vessels the really important things are still handled by the ‘master next to God’.

Wide View

Wide view...

Comfortable cabins

Comfortable cabins...

Snug little spots

Snug little spots...

Sportive challenges

Sportive challenges...

Fishing possibilities

Fishing possibilities...

High tech!


Seafaring with high tech over the seas. A modern cargo carrier is a real paradise for high tech fans. Loads of electronic devices and navigation technology on the bridge and perfectly maintained giant machines in the bunt.

High Tech

Superlative travel in every sense

Superlative travel in every sense
Container Vessel

Loading and unloading

Landing / BoardingThe harbour is the focus of cargo shipping. And for the passengers the harbour is an exciting world, where a perfectly organised chaos defines the further transport of the goods – and a welcome possibility to have solid ground under your feet.

Landing / Boarding
Landing / Boarding

From ship to shore

From ship to shore

Being on board is fabulous. But being ashore is not bad either. Whilst the bustle of unloading and loading procedures in going on in the harbour, the passenger can stroll around the streets and alleys of the ports, looking for wonderful spots to take a picture, or special souvenirs, or simply impressions to make this journey unforgettable.

Old part of town
Old part of town

Cartagena 1

Picture postcard image: Picturesque colonial houses in Cartagena / Columbia.

Cartagena 2


Solid ground under your feet, e.g. in Malta.


What was my country code???

Explore the world

Built on sand

Strong beliefs – built on sand...


Contrasted programme at the Suez Canal

Impressions of the other kind


Lined up like a string of pearls: pelicans on their way to the fish factory in the harbour of Iquique /Chile


Curious about the wide, wide world? Then, I can only advise you to chose a trip on a cargo vessel....

Meetings of the other kind

Sea gulls – the flight attendants at sea.