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IFR 400
Northern Europe – West Africa


Hamburg – Amsterdam – Tilbury – Antwerp – Cotonou / Benin – Lagos / Nigeria – Tema / Ghana – Hamburg


About 33 days round-trip
About 15 days to Cotonou
About 17 days to Lagos
More partial trips on request


2-3x per month

About the vessel

Roll on / roll off container vessels, built 2002-2011, international ship command, 27,500 tons dead-weight, length 214 m, breadth 32 m, speed 19 kn, car capacity 2,500, container capacity 1,321 TEU, fitness room, salon, elevator, steward, TV/DVD


The cabins vary depending on the vessel.

There are inside cabins with bunk beds, outdoor cabins with single beds, outdoor owner cabins with double beds (130-140 cm), separate living room, seating area, desk.

All cabins have shower/WC, the outside cabins have open view sideways.


These vessels of an Italian shipping company offer the rare possibility of a voyage to West Africa.

On-board currency €, on-board language Italian and English.

Shore leave

Berthing times 20-48 hours




For Benin, Ghana and Nigeria (depending on route)


Yellow fever

Passage prices

€ 2,030.00 round-trip per person in inside cabins
€ 2,805.00 round-trip single use of inside cabins
€ 3,075.00 round-trip per person in outside cabins with single beds
€ 3,935.00 round-trip single use of outside cabins with single beds
€ 3,935.00 round-trip per person in owner cabin
€ 5,900.00 round-trip single use of owner cabin
Starting at € 955.00 to € 2,780.00 to Cotonou and Lagos
More partial trips on request

Deviation insurance

Fixed fee of € 115.00 per person.
On disembarkation in Antwerp additional embarkation fees of € 150.00, or for 2 persons € 75.00 each, are charged.

Travel insurance

Travel health and liability insurance

Medical certificate

Mandatory for passengers from 79 years old

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