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IFR 345
Northern Europe – South America-East Coast


Hamburg – (Dakar / Senegal) – (Vitoria) – Rio de Janeiro – Santos – Paranagua / all Brazil – Montevideo / Uruguay – Santos – Rio de Janeiro – (Dakar) – (Tilbury / UK) – Antwerp – Hamburg or similar
(Ports in brackets are not called at on every voyage.)


About 57-60 days round-trip
About 20-24 days Hamburg to Brazil
About 30-32 days Hamburg to Montevideo
Return trips from South America are not bookable


About 1x per month

About the vessel

Roll on / roll off container vessels, built 2002-2011, international ship command, 27,500 tons dead-weight, length 214 m, breadth 32 m, speed 19 kn, car capacity 2,500, container capacity 1,321 TEU, fitness room, salon, elevator, steward, TV/DVD


Cabins vary depending on the vessel.

There are inner cabins with bunk beds or single beds, outer cabins with single beds, outer owner cabins with double bed (130 – 140 cm), separate living room, seating area, desk.

All cabins have shower/WC, the outer cabins have open view sideways.


These vessels, owned by an Italian shipping company, offer cheap passages to South America in inside cabins.

The shipping company does not offer return trips starting at South America.

Embarkation is possible in Hamburg, but also in Antwerp on request.

The frequently requested vehicle transport to Montevideo is possible here. Taking along the vehicle on disembarkation in Brazil is not possible.

On-board currency €, on board language Italian and English.

Shore leave

Berthing times approx. 20-48 hours




Yellow fever

Passage prices

Starting at € 3,036.00 to € 4,251.00 round-trip per person in inside cabins
Starting at € 4,429.00 to € 5,703.00 round-trip in outside cabin
Starting at € 5,703.00 to € 8,552.00 round-trip in owner cabin
Starting at € 1,580.00 to € 4,441.00 Hamburg/Antwerp – Brazil
Starting at € 1,971.00 to € 5,373 Hamburg/Antwerp – Montevideo

Prices for vehicles:
Starting at € 1,161.00 for a car to Montevideo
Starting at € 2,457.00 for a camper/caravan to Montevideo
Starting at € 648.00 for a motorbike to Montevideo
Bicycles free of charge

Embarkation / Disembarkation fees

Fixed fee of € 115.00 per person.
On disembarkation in Antwerp there are additional embarkation fees of € 150.00, or for 2 persons € 75.00 each.

Travel insurance

Travel health and personal liability insurance

Medical certificate

Mandatory from 79 years old

Travel reports by customers

South America

  • Dear Nina
    Just to give you all my favorable comments on the month spent at sea from Antwerp to Antofagasta on the CCNI Rotterdam last February.
    Everything was up to my expectation, comfortable cabin, staff very friendly, weather ok, co-traveler extra, schedule respected. Just the food….
    Thank you again, this was a nice trip.
    Best regards

  • Hello Birgit!
    Just to let you know I had an amazing experience – absolutely loved the whole experience.?? 5 countries visited, each offering diverse adventures plus the star of the show travelling on the freighter. So many photos and memories to sift and sort through but here’s 3 photos that I hope will give an essence of my trip!
    CMA CGM Hydra was my home for 12 days!?? Cabin was huge – 3 portholes so plenty of light.?? 24 crew members and me!?? Captain P. and the...
    >> more...