Aktuelle Infos zu Reisen während der Corona-Krise



Information about Voyages and the Corona-Virus

Until the end of April, cargo ship travel is largely not permitted due to the corona crisis and the associated entry bans. Most shipping companies have generally prohibited freighter travel until the end of April.
We therefore do not offer any new bookings in the period until the end of April.

If you have already booked a trip that cannot take place, we will inform you about the cancellation. In this case you will be given the opportunity to rebook to a later date or to cancel the trip.

For individual trips we will check from week to week whether the situation has improved and we can offer the trip again. Therefore, please do not be worried if you do not receive early information about the cancellation of the trip.

You yourself have witnessed the dynamics and rapid change of the situation in this crisis. In the long term we cannot foresee when freighter voyages will be possible again.
For example, we do not know at the moment whether voyages will take place that are only booked for May or later months. We would therefore ask all passengers who have already booked a trip to be patient.
You will be informed as soon as more detailed information is available.

We are still available for you. New telephone office hours:
Monday – Friday from 10 to 15.
At any time, even outside these hours, you can send us an email: mail@frachtschiffreisen-pfeiffer.de.

Our team wishes you all the best – take care of yourself!


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