IFR 345  Northern Europe – South America-East Coast

Route Hamburg – Rio de Janeiro – Santos – Paranagua / all Brazil – Montevideo / Uruguay – Santos – Rio de Janeiro – Dakar – Tilbury – Antwerp – Hamburg or similar.
(Ports in brackets are not called at on every voyage.)
Duration About 60-67 days round-trip,
about 20-26 days Hamburg to Brazil ,
about 30-33 days Hamburg to Montevideo,
return trips from South America are not bookable.
Departures 2-3 times per month.
About the Vessel Roll on / roll off container vessel, built 2002-2011, international ship command, 27,500 tons, length 214 m, breadth 32 m, speed 19 kn, car capacity 2,500, container capacity 1,321 TEUs, fitness room, salon, elevator, steward, TV/DVD.
Cabins The cabins vary on each ship.

There are inner cabins with stock beds, outer cabins with single beds, outer owner-cabins with double bed (120 – 140 cm), separate living room, sitting area, desk.

All cabins have shower/WC, the outer cabins have open view sideways.

Shore Leave About 20-48 hours.
For land travel in South America we establish contact with a small specialized agency. You will get more information with your booking confirmation.
Documents Passport.
Vaccinations Yellow fever.
Passage Price Starting at €3,036.00 to €4,251.00 round-trip per person in an inside cabin,
starting at €4,429.00 to €5,703.00 round-trip in outside cabin,
starting at €5,703.00 to €8,552.00 round-trip in owner cabin,
starting at €1,580.00 to €4,441.00 Hamburg/Antwerp – Brazil,
starting at €2,971.00 to €5,373 Hamburg/Antwerp – Montevideo,

Prices for vehicles:
starting at €1,161.00 for a car to Montevideo,
starting at €2,457.00 for a camper/caravan to Montevideo,
starting at €648.00 for a motorbike to Montevideo,
bicycles free.

Embarkation / Disembarkation Fees Fixed fee of €115.00 per person.
An additional €75.00 is charged for embarkation in Antwerp.
Travel Insurance Travel health and personal liability insurance.
Medical Certificate Mandatory from 79 years old.
Internationale Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer GmbH is agent, not operator of these trips.
The terms and conditions of the travel contract apply.



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(as of 02/2019)

Travel reports South America

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