IFR 165  Adria – Mediterranean Sea

Route Monfalcone / Italy – Piraeus / Greece – Ashdod / Israel – Izmir – Gemlik / both Turkey – Ravenna / Italy – Coper / Slowenia – Monfalcone  or similar.
Duration About 14 days,
about 5-8 days to Ashdod,
about 6-9 days Ashdod – Monfalcone,
more partial trips on request.
Departures Weekly.
About the Vessel Roll on / roll off container vessel, built 1993, international ship command, 16,800 tons, length 178 m, breadth 26 m, speed 18 kn, car capacity 1,500, container capacity 400 TEUs, salon, elevator, steward, TV/DVD.
Cabins Outer cabin, shower/WC, with single bed and foldable upper bed, sitting area.
Shore Leave About 12-36 hours.
Documents Passport.
Passage Price €1.065.00 per person round-trip,
€1.645.00 for single use of the cabin, round-trip,
starting at €575.00 per person Monfalcone – Ashdod or vice versa,
more partial trips on request.
Car transport starting at €460.00,
caravan transport starting at €715.00,
motorbike transport starting at €180.00,
bicycle transport free.
Embarkation / Disembarkation Fees €115.00 per person.
Travel Insurance Travel health and personal liability insurance.
Medical Certificate Mandatory for passengers over 79 years old.
Internationale Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer GmbH is agent, not operator of these trips.
The terms and conditions of the travel contract apply.



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Internationale Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer - IFR 165 - Bild 1Internationale Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer - IFR 165 - Bild 2
(as of 12/2018)

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