IFR 111  Tramp Voyage Baltic Sea

Route Varies and depends on the cargo. No fixed routes or areas selectable. Passengers book a time period. The port of embarkation is usually known two to three days before start of the voyage, the port of disembarkation is usually known during the course of the voyage. The vessels often go to the Finnish Saimaa Lakes, but also Swedish, Baltic, Polish, Norwegean, English ports are often called at.

The ports are dependent upon the type of cargo (i.e. they are not bookable).

Potential boarding / landing ports are: the Kiel Canal, floodgate Brunsbuttel and floodgate Kiel, or Harlingen / Netherlands.

Duration 13-15 days.
Departures 1-2x per month.
About the Vessel Bulk/Mixed cargo container vessels, built 2004-2006, German or international ship command, 3.600 tons, length 82.5 m, breadth 12.60 m, speed 11.5 kn, TV/DVD.
Cabins 1 double cabin, shower/WC (shared with the captain, but lockable from both sides), bed 200 x 130 cm, small sitting area, small desk, SAT-TV, radio, open view.
Shore Leave Unlike the fast container ships, the loading times of these ships are significantly longer. Enough time for a long shore leave. Captain and crew offer tips for sightseeing and shopping, they know all ports in their area of travel. These trips are ideal for adventurous passengers with temporal flexibility.
Documents Passport.
Passage Price €1,036.00 per person.
For trips shorter than 13 or longer than 15 days a daily rate of €74.00 will be decreed or added.
Embarkation / Disembarkation Fees €60.00 on embarkation or disembarkation at Kiel-Canal, refundable.
Deviation Insurance €40.00 to €60.00 per person, age-dependent.
Travel Insurance Travel health and personal liability insurance.
Medical Certificate Mandatory for passengers from 65 years old.
Internationale Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer GmbH is agent, not operator of these trips.
The terms and conditions of the travel contract apply.



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