IFR 060  Inland Voyage

Route Varies and depends upon the cargo.
The ship regularly travels from the area of Middle Rhine, e.g. Karlsruhe/Mannheim (Mainz, Frankfurt) to Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Antwerp/Gent or similar.

Booking of specific routes or ports of embarkation or disembarkation is not possible!

Duration About 8-10 days.
Departures 3x a month.
About the Vessel Bulk / Mixed cargo / Container inland vessel, push tow, Dutch (German speaking) ship command, built 2009, 4,800 tons, length 190 m, breadth 11.45 m, 2x 1,700 PS, most modern technology, good seats on the bridge.
Cabins 4 guest cabins: 2 with double beds, 2 with single beds, all with a big window and open view, heated floor, air conditioning.
Shared bathroom for guests, shared large living room with TV for guests and crew, WiFi available.
This ship is an ideal choice for a joint trip with friends or family.
Shore Leave Depending on the cargo longer loading or unloading times may occur.
Documents Passport or personal identity card.
Passage Price €1,080.00 per person in a double cabin,
€1,180.00 single use.
Embarkment / Disembarkment Fees €30.00 per person.
Travel Insurance Travel health and personal liability insurance.
Medical Certificate Mandatory for passengers over 65 years old.
Internationale Frachtschiffreisen Pfeiffer GmbH is agent, not operator of these trips.
The terms and conditions of the travel contract apply.



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(as of 12/2017)

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